EDIT SAME: Debut Charlyn 11:02:12

It was a breathtaking night of magic and mystique. As the god and goddess of the cosplay scene the CDO gathered at Pryce Plaze to celebrate CHARLYN’s 18th birthday. Princesses, samurai, robots and all the characters that made our inner fanboys and inner fangirls squeal with excitement came to play in their awe-inspiring costumes, but it was our beginner who stole the show – it was after all, first li. Charlyn, had an eye seen in her animated costume. And her boy shone amid the fantastic characters in the salon. It was like from an exhilarating animated TV show! The event was favored by no less than the Philippine cosplay queen herself, the ALODIA GOSENGFIAO, whom I and my team and Coy Fuentes group (photogs) couldn’t help ogle at her otherworldly beauty. The celebration was surreal, whimsical and out of this world- and our beginner gracefully held its own and was no less magical! Go out, Charlyn, and take your rightful place among deities and mortars alike! Aja!

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