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The cover of 15 magazines, Jack, is also a hot topic cosplayer.EnakoWill release the first photo book without cosplay “OFF COSTUME” on September 21st (Tuesday).

The first photo book of “Genuine Enako” who literally doesn’t wear costumes includes the appearance of Enako in almost no makeup.

A cameraman known for shooting “Passport” (Mai Shiraishi), “Intermission” (Erika Ikuta), etc.Kazutaka NakamuraTaken a life-sized girlfriend in an open location.

Set in beaches, hotels, swimming pools, and towns by the sea, it is said that it is a royal photo book that coexists with beauty, cuteness, and sex appeal, including lingerie and the best special cuts in his history.

[40 images]Photobook precedent cut by “Elementary Enako” etc.

Cosplayer Enako shows off her “real self”

Enako Photobook “OFF COSTUME”

Enako is contributing to the development of culture by pushing cosplay into entertainment that is featured in many media. With “Jonetsu Tairiku” appearance, artist debut and crown program, and cover jack of 15 magazines, there is no shortage of topics.

While I have a solid track record as a cosplayer, when I wrote a photobook without any cosplay, I said, “I’m almost in a state of no makeup, and I haven’t had a cosplay that has given me confidence … To be honest, I’m really excited. “I vomit my feelings.

Looking back, in 2019, the major 1st photo book “Enako cosplayer” is suitable for Japan’s number one cosplayer, who has been licensed by all authors and publishers such as “To LOVE-Ru” and “My Hero Academia”. rice field.

Even so, he strongly said about this photobook as a true self, “As a woman, I think it will be a book full of me as I am now!”

[40 images]Cosplayer, Enako



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