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Cosplayers·EnakoAppeared on the cover of 15 magazines in August. Titled “Enako Summer Cover Jack Capane“Starts.

This project crosses multiple publishers, starting with “Bessatsu Young Champion” and “Manga Action” released on August 3rd, and ending with “FLASH” released on August 31st.

Out of all 15 magazines, all 13 application tickets targeted for the campaign were collected, and all those who met the application requirements were asked to “Enako Summer Booklet“(B5 / 24P planned) will be presented.

[Campaign target magazine]
August 03 Separate Volume Young Champion / Manga Action
August 04 Young King BULL
August 06 Young Gangan / Young King
August 13 Young Animal
August 15 EX Mass
August 17 Manga Action
August 18 Cyzo
August 19 Weekly Shonen Champion
August 24 Young Champion
August 30 Spirits
August 31st FLASH From Enako Summer Cover Jack Campaign

[Image]Enako’s newly taken cosplay photo

Enako occupies August in summer in Japan

Not only as a cosplayer who leads the scene, but in recent years, in addition to gravure, Enako, who has shown remarkable performance as an artist and multi-talent, occupies the summer.

Enako commented on Twitter, “Gravure is one of the jobs I’ve been working hard on since last year … I’m grateful to everyone who has always supported me for doing such a great thing.”

“I think it’s (probably) the first time in the history of gravure to decorate the covers of 15 manga magazines in a month … !!”, he said with excitement.

Cosplay, gravure, artist ── Expanding activities

Enako, a cosplayer who is active both in Japan and overseas. Serving as the Cabinet Office “Cool Japan Ambassador”, he is also active as an iconic presence that disseminates Japanese pop culture overseas.

Cosplay, which was a sub-category of amateur and doujinshi activities, has been promoted to entertainment that many media have taken up, and it is also contributing to the development as a culture.

Despite being a true nerd who boasted in an interview that “If you are told that you can only get out of red and white or Comiket, you will give priority to Comiket,” but the awareness of cosplay that you showed when you appeared in “Jonetsu Tairiku” in December 2020. The height also evoked a sensation.

Enako Artist Visual

He made his artist debut in December of the same year. Masayoshi Oishi, Tom-H @ ck, Kayoko Kusano, who worked on the theme song “Kimetsu no Yaiba” for “Kimetsu no Yaiba”, and ZAQ, who are representatives of the scene, participated in the music production team. Called a topic.

To date, the mini album “Dress Re Cord” and the single “SP-LuSHROAD” have been released. From Thursday, July 29, the variety show “Oishi Enako no Yoru XX (Peke Peke)” (TV Kanagawa) with anime song singer Masayoshi Oishi will be broadcast.

[Image]Enako’s newly taken cosplay photo



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