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“” Held for 3 days from August 5th (Friday) to 7th (Sunday)TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2022The fifth performer of (TIF2022) has been announced.

A total of 19 groups were announced, including 6 groups that appeared for the first time, including “Kinopo.” By manga artist Kyosuke Usuta and the cast unit Smewthie of the TV anime “Tokyo Mew Mew Nyu ~ ♡”.

Among them, the cosplayersEnakoMr. Miss,Moe IoriMr. Miss,Kokoro ShinozakiLimited unit consisting of 9 groups in total “PPE41Is a member whose formation was announced on April 1st April Fool’s Day and attracted a lot of attention.

[Image]Idol gorgeous “TIF2022” 5th performer gallery

Idol festival “TIF” to be held in the summer for the first time in 3 years

“TIF” or “TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL” is one of the world’s largest idol festivals organized by Fuji TV TOKYO IDOL PROJECT, and will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2019.

“TIF”, in which various idols perform in the area around Odaiba and Aomi, will be held online in 2020 due to the influence of the Korona-ka, and in 2021, the time will be shifted from summer to October, online and real. It was held in a hybrid form.

This time, which will be held in the summer and on-site for the first time in three years, the chairman’sNagahamaMore than 120 idols will appear, including Mr. The 5th performers announced this time are as follows.

Performers of “TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2022” (5th announcement) * In alphabetical order
Wings of Artemis / Ange ☆ Reve / WeBANA / OBP / Kinopo. / King Sari / Gran ☆ Ciel / Jewel ☆ Mare / Smewthie / SAISON / What did the six girls who left their mark on the moon see … / Terrace x Terrace / Rarikurari / PANDAMIC / PPE41 / Meme Tokyo / Maybe ME / Loosen Mo! / Lily of the valley

Idol unit “PPE41” by PPE personalities

“PPE41”, which will appear for the first time in “TIF2022”, is an idol unit consisting of nine people including cosplayers belonging to the talent agency PP Enterprise (PPE).

The members are Enako, Moe Iori, Saki Yoshida, Kokoro Shinozaki, Saki Miyamoto, Tsunko, Manatsu, Minami Shinohara, and Yokyun.

Since the formation was announced on April 1st as a surprise, it was initially thought to be April Fool’s Day, but the music distribution and MV were actually released and attracted a lot of attention.

The debut song “LIE! LIE? PANIC !!” is a full-scale song written and composed by ZAQ and arranged by KanadeYUK. What kind of performance will “PPE41” show on the big stage “TIF2022”?

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