Enako shows off her cute cat ears off-shot! Fans faint in agony, saying “It’s so cute” and “It’s a genius” | News | ABEMA TIMES

On January 18th, cosplayer Enako updated Instagram. He showed off his appearance with cat ears and excited the fans with “good shots” and “unimaginably beautiful”.

[Video]Enako appears in the role of Demon King “Adult Armor Shop II”

Enako is a very popular cosplayer with more than 1.42 million followers on Twitter and more than 1.83 million followers on Instagram. In recent years, in addition to gravure and talent, he has also advanced into singers and voice actors, and has been called “the best cosplayer in Japan” because of his multi-faceted activities that transcend the boundaries of cosplayers.

Enako posted a photo on Instagram saying, “I’m appearing in the regular program” Enako x Farewell Morita’s Cat Shikakatsutan “.” The large cat ears attached to the bob hair have an outstanding presence combined with the texture of the fluffy hair. The gap between the natural make-up and the calm color of the outfit is also impressive.

Fans were very excited to see the cute charm exploding in this figure, saying “good shot”, “very cute”, “genius”, “want to be a cat”, and “unimaginably beautiful”. In addition, there were many comments praising the costumes, saying, “The costumes are calm and nice,” “I like the costumes as adults,” and “I look good in clothes.”


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