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“” Released on August 5th (Thursday)Weekly Young Jump]Seven Net limited benefits are released.Holo liveAnd management companyPPECollaboration clear files of affiliated members are lined up.

I collaborated withEnakoWithMarine HoushouMr. Miss,Moe IoriWithNoel ShiroganeMr. Miss,Kokoro ShinozakiWithShirakami FubukiMr. Miss,Saki MiyamotoWithTokino SoraMr. Miss,ManatsuWithMinato AquaA total of 10 people.

In addition to the clear file that everyone gathered, reservations for “Weekly Young Jump” with clear files by Enako and Marine Houshou, Moe Iori and Noel Shirogane, Kokoro Shinozaki and Fubuki Shirakami have begun. ing.

Clear file all set version

“Moe Iori x Silver Noel” Clear File

“Kokoro Shinozaki x Shirakami Fubuki” Clear File

Both strong holo live and PPE

coverOperated by the companyVirtual YouTuber(VTuber) Group Holo Live and former cosplayersYoko InuiPPE (PP Enterprise) led by (Yoko Inui).

Holo Live is an industry giant with many fans at home and abroad, with many popular VTubers with over 1 million YouTube subscribers.

PPE is also famous as a management company with many popular talents such as Enako and Moe Iori who joined the electric shock in April.

Enako once showed off the cosplay of Marine Houshou and became a hot topic, but it seems to be the first time that both have collaborated so extensively.

There is still some interesting information such as the cover page that has not been released yet, so I would like to wait for further information in the future.

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