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Cosplayers·EnakoIs the first single in the name of solo “SP-LuSHROADWill be released on July 21st. At the same time, the music video for the gorgeous swimsuit costume was also released.

Sound producer Tom-H @ ck provided the music and singer-songwriterZAQThis song was written by Mr.

MV isOfficial Hige DandismArt director who won the “MTV Best Japanese Music New Artist Video Award” for “No Doubt”Misato KatoServed as the director.

[Image]Enako in a cool swimsuit (41 in total)

From the beginning to the end of summer when Enako sings

“Oishi Enako no Yoru XX (Peke Peke)”

“SP-Lu SHROAD”, an exhilarating party tune that makes you feel summer, is a variety show with Anison singer Masayoshi Oishi, which will be broadcast on TV Kanagawa from Thursday, July 29th.Oishi Enako’s Night XX (Peke Peke)』Theme song.

While drawing out the “elementary” part of Enako, there are many conversations that are conscious of call and response, and it is a song that I am looking forward to performing live.

The coupling song “Futari Fireworks” is from the former Last Note.Tokiya SugishitaA medium number that makes you feel the end of summer.

Enako is trying to write the lyrics for the first time, and the lyrics that remind us of the scenes of fireworks and summer festivals are impressive.

Enako playing an active part on the world stage

Enako is a cosplayer who is active both in Japan and overseas. It has pushed cosplay into entertainment that has been featured in many media, and has contributed to its cultural development.

From the activity, “Cool Japan AmbassadorAlso inaugurated. He is also active as an iconic presence that disseminates Japanese pop culture overseas.

On the other hand, in past interviews, “If you are told that you can only get red and white or Comiket, give priority to ComiketHe also shows one side as a true otaku, such as boasting.

[Image]Enako’s cosplay photos (41 in total)



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