ENF 2012MASION 2012 – COSPLAY VIDEO – The next day

Please share, tweet and publish this video if you like it! Visit http://www.becosplay.be! Youtube link for the video: http://youtu.be/YzxSTsH0gb8 Music by: Lena – Stardust Please support this awesome band! http://www.lena-meyer-landrut.de/en/ Want to know more of the cosplayers featured in this video? In order of appearance (Please tell me if I miss data): Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII-2 Ravenna from Snow White and Huntsman the White Witch from Narnia Story: The Lion, the Witch and Khaleesi’s Wardrobe from Game of Throne (Tina) Kururu from Air Gear (Calssara http://www.facebook.com/calssara.cosplay) Captain America ??? Miss Marvel (Cos a Tam http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tams-Cosplay/161933333862079) Super Girl (Eva’s Cosplay http://www.facebook.com/EvangelyneCosplay) Officer Jenny from Pokemon (Gabriela ) Rocket Team Jessie James Miaouss and Ash from Pokemon (Eri Senpai as Jessie, Saya as Ash) Nurse Joy from Pokemon (Kittycricri http://www.facebook.com/KittycricriCosplay) Nero from Devil Can Cry (Sam Wyat http : //www.facebook.com/samthoetmosis.wyat) Black Lily and Lord of Darkness from Legend (Scyane and Nomel) ??? Janna from League of Legends Caitlyn from League of Legends ??? Robot Chicken (Cyclone X) Note: Audio content for this video belongs to the respective recording artist and record label. There is no currency exchange and they were made purely about appreciation for those in the video and appreciation of the respective artist as a fan.

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