Enjoy the moment with the Canadian

In Quebec, no one is indifferent to the Montreal Canadiens, but in the playoffs, this passion for the provincial team reaches new heights among the population.

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“The Montreal Canadiens are like the weather; anyone can talk about it. […] You don’t have to have played in the National League for a long time or follow every game to give your opinion or say what you think. That’s what makes the beauty of it, ”declared Félix Séguin during Thursday’s episode of the podcast“ On the footbridge ”, which he hosts with Patrick Lalime on QUB radio.

The descriptor of the matches at TVA Sports said that the frenzy of hockey has won over Quebecers during the last two weeks. If the inhabitants of the Belle Province had almost become indifferent to the fate of the CH halfway through the series against the Toronto Maple Leafs, the spectacular comeback against them and the sweep of the Winnipeg Jets made the torso bulge. more than one.

“It doesn’t take much in Quebec to restore love to this team that unites us. When things are not going well, the criticism is severe, but when that team wins, it’s incredible how people can love Sainte-Flanelle, ”said Séguin.

Even her neighbor who never listens to hockey has almost become a Bleu-Blanc-Rouge expert and her children now want their own CH jersey.

“It costs a few dollars, but it’s worth it. It’s a long-term investment, ”retorted Lalime with a laugh.

White or black

When it comes to the Canadiens, there is rarely a gray area. Either it has never been so good, or it has never been so bad. According to Séguin and Lalime, the passion of the fans is still palpable.

“You may hate them at times, hate them, criticize them, vilify them, put them aside, but when the Canadian wins, it comes back automatically. You like them, they are the best club in the world, the best general manager, the best goalkeeper, the best head coach, ”explained Félix Séguin.

“Today, what Patrick and I are trying to tell you is: let’s live in the moment,” he continued. Let’s be chauvinistic. Let us let ourselves be transported by the Canadian. Let’s believe in this team. Show your colors, wear your sweater, your cap, the little flags. Then forget about the criticism, just enjoy the moment. ”

The action will resume shortly for the Habs, as soon as their opponent in the semi-finals will be known. The Vegas Golden Knights have the opportunity on Thursday night to rule out the Colorado Avalanche in Game 6 of their series.

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