Entering the blind box market, Yongsheng animation layout, the trendy play industry

Release time: 2021-06-16 11:18:11

Entering the blind box market, Yongsheng animation layout, the trendy play industry

On June 1, Guangdong Yongsheng Animation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yingsheng Animation”) and Youqi Culture jointly launched the “Princess Feifei Fairy Tales” series of blind boxes online for the first time. This set of blind boxes uses the popular image of Feifei in the animation “Pig Man” under the animation of Aria Animation as the design prototype for the second creation. With Princess Feifei’s fairy tale forest in the dreamland as the background, it tells how she helped find animals lost in the forest. On the way home, a wonderful adventure story of the interweaving and collision of dreams and innocence unfolds, and through the clever matching of each blind box shape, a new fairy tale world is opened.

Wingsong Animation’s entry into the trendy play market this time broke the traditional audience barriers of Pigman IP, effectively enhanced the interaction with Generation Z who are active in the forefront of interest culture and social networking, and gave IP authorization more directions and possibilities.

Create “Yongwanchao” brand to open the market for chaowan

As a trend culture carrier that has received much attention nowadays, Chaowan is deeply favored and sought after by young people. The blind box in the trendy play market has also captured the consumer’s curiosity due to its own unknowns, making the blind box gradually out of the young group.

Yingsheng Animation combined its own IP elements with the preferences of the trendy market audiences, and established the “Yingwanchao” brand that focuses on creating trendy IP. On the one hand, “Yingwanchao” will integrate a variety of marketing methods according to the new market dynamics, combining its IP with popular marketing models to create new selling points; at the same time, “Yingwanchao” will segment the market according to the trendy audience. , To meet the emotional needs of users, create a diversified IP matrix and series of products, and continue to explore potential business opportunities in the trendy play market. Among the first batch of new products of “Yong Wanchao”, the Iron Pigman series figure made with mecha style is also among them.

Accumulate diversified high-quality IP content to continuously empower the industry

The emotional experience that IP itself brings to consumers mostly depends on the loyalty of users to the brand. As a producer of original animations, Yingsheng Animation insists on driving IP licensing cooperation and derivative business development through high-quality animation content. Pigman’s sixth film “Pigman Movie·Dinosaur Diary”, released during the May 1st holiday this year, finally broke the box office of 51 animation films with a score of more than 79 million, creating a new box office for the Pigman series movies; Pig Pigman’s 17th full-length animation series “Pigman: Superstars of the Five Spirits” will also be launched this summer. The character image and story content are fully upgraded, injecting new vitality into Pigman’s 16-year brand precipitation.

In the brand licensing business segment, Wingsheng Animation has given continuous support to the licensees in content and product creativity. The authorized categories have covered many industries such as clothing, food, housing, transportation and play; in the new business licensing sector, Wingsheng Animation pays more attention to An immersive real-life entertainment project, in 2020, the first large-scale outdoor park “Pig Man Fairy Tales” officially started in Yulin, Guangxi, and plans to open the park at the end of this year to welcome guests.

In the future, Yongsheng Animation will closely follow the market trend, accelerate the integration of creative resources, empower “Yongwan Chao” with strong original content and perfect animation industry chain operation capabilities, and draw closer with unique and resonant tide play works The distance from users provides users with high-quality products and service experience.

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