Evangelion: Asuka is the ultimate waifu of the Rebuilds in this amazing cosplay

Asuka is, among all the characters that populate the Universe of Evangelion, the most iconic. This is largely due to the unmistakable design that Yoshiyuki Sadamoto assigned to it, but the truth is that its value does not only lie there. Asuka is also unforgettable for her personality, for her unwavering determination, and for her explosive character. For that reason We have been fascinated by the following cosplay, which we believe is a beautiful tribute made in honor of the EVAs pilot.

Imagen: Neyr0 Desu (DeviantArt)

Seeing the work that Neyro Desu has done, we can only praise the faithful interpretation he has made of Asuka Langleybecause in addition to having an enormous resemblance to the pilot, the characterization that he made of her when adapting the Plug Suit seen in the third film of the Rebuilds It just blew our minds.

In this way, we can see the artist wearing a fitted vinyl suitin addition to a series of accessories made of plastic that allow us to experience the full fantasy of seeing the pilot of Evangelion 02.

Imagen: Neyr0 Desu (DeviantArt)

In the following image from the set of Neyro Desu we can see our beloved Asuka again, although this time offering us a certainly different profile: posing with an air of indifference before the camera, as if the fool of Shinji Ikari suddenly he would have burst into the room to chat with this cute redhead.

Imagen: Neyr0 Desu (DeviantArt)

As you can see, this cosplay is a tribute to Hideaki Anno’s heroine, and we are sure that it will also be to the taste of all fans.

And you, what do you think of this Asuka cosplay?


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