‘Evangelion: Dacapo’ to be released on August 13th on Amazon Prime

'Evangelion: Dacapo' released on August 13th with Amazon Prime 1

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‘Evangelion: Dacapo’ released on August 13th with Amazon Prime 1

The latest work of the Japanese animation Evangelion, which has a strong fan base in Korea, ‘New Evangelion Theatrical Version: Takapo’ will be released through Amazon Prime, an OTT service.

On the 2nd, Studio Kara, the production company of ‘New Evangelion Theatrical Version: Takapo’, officially announced that it would be released on August 13th through Amazon Prime in 240 overseas countries except Japan through the official SNS. The TV series ‘Evangelion’ and the old theatrical version were released on Netflix, while the new theatrical version was decided to be released through Amazon Prime.

Studio Kara is a company founded by Hideaki Anno, director of ‘Evangelion’, and has produced new Evangelion theatrical versions such as ‘Evangelion Book’, ‘Evangelion Party’ and ‘Evangelion Q’. ‘Evangelion: Dacapo’, which was released in Japan on March 8th after 9 years since ‘Evangelion Q,’ set a record box office record by exceeding the box office income of 8,965.36780 yen (about 91.47 billion won). Fans, dissatisfied with the ending, threatened the production team and gave notice of murder, and the production company took legal action.

As a result, unlike ‘Evangelion Book’, ‘Evangelion Squad’ and ‘Evangelion Q’, which were released in theaters in Korea, ‘Evangelion: Dacapo’ will no longer be available in theaters. It is reported that the new movie version of Evangelion has also finished dubbing in Korean.

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