Evangelion: Rei Ayanami becomes a model in makeup commercial

Rei Ayanami’s character brushes in indifference throughout Evangelion, but thanks to a makeup commercial we can see it in a slightly less depressing new light.

The first girl chosen takes the leading role in the commercial to make it clear that piloting EVAs is not his only specialty:

This commercial for the lipstick brand KATE actually is the second part of another spot posted a couple of weeks ago which also transforms Rei Ayanami into a model. Here you can see the original if you are interested. Both commercials were produced by entertainer Mai Yoneyama, an entertainer who has worked on Promise Y Sword Art Online. Besides Megumi Hayashibara, seiyu Rei Ayanami’s official, also lent her voice for this commercial in which we can see her smile even once.

It is certainly not the first time that characters from Evangelion for ads of this type. In Japan it is common for brands of clothing, food and even cleaning objects to use the image of some emblematic character of the anime to promote yourself.

With information from RamenParaDos.


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