Eve × sui from Yorushika’s new song released Lotte’s anime commercial released 10 GAUGE directed by Nobutaka Yoda: News

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Lotte Ghana chocolate anime CM “Ghana Gift” featuring singer-songwriter Eve and band “Yorushika” vocalist sui’s new song “Parallel Line” from “Eve x suis from Yorushika” on YouTube It has been published.

A short animation that depicts the passing of men and women who are childhood friends and more than friends and less than lovers and Valentine’s episodes under the theme of “Gift” that creates connections between people. Genki Kawamura, who is also known as a producer and writer of Toho, will be in charge of planning and scripting, Nobutaka Yoda, the representative of 10GAUGE who handles the opening of “Doraemon”, and Kiyotaka Oshiyama of “Flip Flappers” will be in charge of character design and animation director. ing.

Eve, who participated in the Ghana chocolate anime commercial following last year’s “Kokoroyohou”, said, “The feelings of passing each other, the importance of everyday life that I took for granted, the world does not come to my mind. However, even so, I felt that I shouldn’t stop telling my feelings when I was watching these two people, “he said in the song.

In addition to the 30-second version being broadcast as a TV commercial, the MV version of about 4 and a half minutes (https://youtu.be/lxw4Y8qzq4w ) Is also open to the public.


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