Even the singing voice is emo! Listen to the 2.5-dimensional cosplay idol “Kururu Kurasaka” & the “singing voice” played by the violin! Introducing the player “Miko” who played it!Weekly Channel Watch 6/18

“Weekly Channel Watch” that picks up and delivers various videos released through the Internet and the creators who create them.

This time, we will introduce “Kururu Kurasaka” who is popular for high quality cosplay and singing voice, and “Miko” who is popular for the video “I tried playing with violin”.

This Week’s Pickup “[Singing]LiSA x Uru-Reunion / Kururu Kurasaka ver.[Kururu Kurasaka x Mao Aoi]”

――What is the most recommended video?

Kururu:“[I tried to sing]LiSA x Uru-Reunion / Kururu Kurasaka ver.[Kururu Kurasaka x Mao Yo Aoi]”. (* Kururu-san had a throat surgery in March) I recorded it when it was hard to hear, so I’d like to release a revenge version in perfect condition someday! I want to do “I tried to sing” While thinking, I was sick, but Mao Aoi of VTuber pulled me up and I was able to challenge it, it is a song with gratitude and memories. “

[I tried to sing]LiSA x Uru-Reunion / Kururu Kurasaka ver.[Kururu Kurasaka x Mao Aoi](YouTube)

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Kururu:“I’m Kururu Kurasaka from’Singing Cosplayer’! I’d like to do my best in the future, such as live activities, making original songs, and posting singing, so please comment!”

Of course, her singing voice and cosplay are wonderful, but each gesture is beautiful, and her rich facial expressions and good-tempo talk are also attractive. Please check the channel for various talents!

Youtube channel “Kururu Kurasaka’s” Kuruchubu “”

TikTok account “Kururun 🐥🌸 Kururu Kurasaka”

Instagram account “Kururu”

Twitter account “Kururu Kurasaka”

Interview / text: Akko
EDIT: Tenske Kazne

This week’s pickup “[On the violin]I played Usseewa without permission. 【I tried playing】”

――What is the most recommended video?

Miko:“I’m worried about choosing only one, but … Ado-san’s” Usseewa “! I love the world view of the song, and Ado-san’s powerful voice is like” elegant “that is usually imagined on a violin. It’s a tone that is in stark contrast to the feeling of “na”. I tried and errored the video and performance to get closer to Ado’s charm! “

In addition to “Usseewa”, Miko seems to be researching to be close to the singing voice and atmosphere of the original song whenever she makes “I tried playing”. Miko, who has been playing the violin since she was 4 years old at the beginning of the lesson, must see the video and singing voice that match the original song!

[By violin]I played Usseewa without permission.[I tried playing](YouTube)

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Miko:“I try to make videos that I can enjoy watching and listening to, so even those who don’t know much about the violin can enjoy it. As many people as possible like the violin from my videos. I would be happy if you could become

Youtube channel “Miko”

TikTok account “Miko 🎻”

Twitter account “Miko 🎻”

Interview: Akko
Sentence / Editing: Tenske Kazne

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