Expansion: Jung von Matt Nerd receives dual leadership

For many, it’s hard to grasp what Jung von Matt Nerd is doing, admits founder and managing director Toan Nguyen. The agency hits a nerve. It sees itself as a marketing consultancy for pop culture and mediates in publishers, film studios, influencers with brands and investment companies.

The current project, the film Cyberpunk 2077, shows what that can look like. In a 35-minute film, the famous cosplayer and stuntman “Maul Cosplay” in the Keanu Reeves look beats up a lot of bad guys in the best action film style. The whole thing is financed by product placement from BMW, Vodafone, Rockstar Energy and SteelSeries Gaming Hardware. The agency also mediates between brands and licensors of nerd culture figures such as gaming characters, action heroes and mangas.


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