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Publisher Modus Games announced on February 1 that it will release the fantasy RPG “Cris Tales” in July 2021. Compatible platforms are PC / Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 5 / PlayStation 4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One. This work is initially scheduled to be released in November last year, but it has been postponed. This time, the release date has been set again.

“Cris Tales” is an RPG by developers Dreams Uncorporated and SYCK. Produced with colorful hand-drawn graphics, inspired by Japanese RPG works such as “Chrono Trigger”, “Seiken Densetsu 2 SECRET of MANA”, “Final Fantasy IV”, “Bravely Default”, and “Super Mario RPG”. ing.

The main character is the orphan girl Crisbell. In the world of this work where there are four kingdoms, the rule by the empress called Time Empress is progressing, and Crisbell, a Time Mage who has the ability to manipulate time, adventures to prevent it. When exploring the city, the past, present, and future are displayed at the same time, and you can interact with the past and future worlds using the companion character Matias, the frog. The information obtained there will be useful for capturing the quest.

The battle adopts a turn system like JRPG. As the game progresses, the order of actions of friends who form a meeting party and characters including enemies is displayed at the top of the screen, and you can select attacks, skills, item usage, etc. to battle. Additional effects can be obtained by pressing the button at the right time when attacking or defending. You can also use the ability to control Crisbell’s time in battle. For example, if you send an enemy to the world of the past, the character will rejuvenate and become weaker and more agile. How it changes in the past and future differs depending on the enemy, and it is necessary to strategically manipulate the time.

In this work, where you play while looking at the past and future, you will meet various characters and proceed with the story while undertaking quests. Among them, he says that he will approach the mystery hidden in Crisbell’s past. And the story and ending will change depending on the player’s choices and actions.

“Cris Tales” will be released in July for PC / Nintendo Switch / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One. Japanese display will also be supported.SteamThen, the trial version is distributed, so if you are interested, it is a good idea to prepare here.

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