Fable & Fantasy festival 2021 in Rensenpark – Klazienaveen Local

Region – The 2021 edition of the Fable & Fantasy festival of the North is on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 July and again in the Rensenpark, just like in 2019.

Fantastic experience

The organization of Fable & Fantasy had been familiar with Fantasy festivals elsewhere in the country for years, but thought it was high time that a festival would also be held in Emmen. In 2019 they kicked off with the first edition, also in the Rensenpark. It was a fantastic experience for young and old and received many enthusiastic reactions. Unfortunately, last year we had to opt for an online edition. The organization was all the more happy when they received the green light from the municipality to organize the festival live again this year!

What is a Fantasy festival anyway? During Fable & Fantasy you imagine yourself in another world, the world of fantasy. The place where you can enjoy yourself, be yourself and be amazed. One comes in a beautiful costume, the other comes in his regular clothes. It’s all allowed.

Rensenpark is transformed into a fantasy world where you can encounter fairytale characters, go back to the Middle Ages, or take a look at the world of Steampunk. There is something for everyone and every fantasy/cosplay style is welcome!


These two days there are several nice stalls to be found at our fair. From medieval clothing to beautiful gems. From beautiful hats to sparkling tiaras and homemade jewelry. From sheepskins to board games, but also delicious mead wine. In addition to all the stalls, you can enjoy a diverse musical offer, from cool bands to wonderfully relaxed harp music and medieval sounds.

The Rensenpark is an attractive location in itself, but these days it is also full of adventures. Stop by the Jurassic Outbreak base camp, where you’ll encounter everything from the Jurassic Park movies. Have a seahorse race with the Royal Seahorse Riders or learn archery as they did in the Middle Ages. If you don’t want to be too active, enjoy everything and everyone around you while enjoying a delicious snack or drink from our Medievel catering. In short, there is plenty to do on 17 and 18 July during Fable & Fantasy 2021. This is just a selection of the total program that is supplemented weekly.

Order Ticket Online

Make sure you get your ticket on time, because of the limited number of tickets available this year. If you buy your ticket online now, you can still take advantage of the presale promotion. Children up to the age of 12 have free admission, if accompanied by an adult.

If you want to stay informed, follow Fable & Fantasy via facebook or instagram, or keep the site www.fableandfantasy.nl stay tuned for the latest news!

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