Fairy Tail, the cosplay of Ezra Scarlett from shikarakumi is ready to strike – Nerd4.life

Let’s see this cosplay from Ezra Scarlet, character from the series Fairy Tail, ready to strike with the sword. It is an impeccable work of the cosplayer shikarakumi, who has well interpreted the combative character of the series, reproducing very well the costume, but also the character, always ready to throw himself into the fray.

The photo itself is quite close, but it allows us to test the wig of the cosplayer and some details that seem to have been retouched by hand, such as the sword or the pants. Ultimately it is a striking shot.

Ezra Scarlet is one of the main characters of the Fairy Tail series, as well as one of the strongest members of the guild of wizards which gives the series its name. Also called “Queen of the Fairies”, her specialty is to change fighting techniques by altering her dress.

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