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Tickle the maiden’s heartFairytale fantasy

I think there are many people who yearn for the cute, beautiful, and elegant world view.

“It seems to appear in the world of fantasy”Keyed wand“there is.

“I expanded the image so as not to deviate from the world view of the work.”

I made this “key wand” with a hobby of cosplay modeling.UnicoMr. Miss.

“Fantasy in everyday life” to develop spatial works and projectsBlue bird projectIt was produced at the request of.

The production period of this work is about one month.

Based on 3DCG modeled with 3DCG software Blender, it is made by carving out Samperka, which is a polyethylene material, and pasting synthetic leather.

Some of the parts are output by a 3D printer.

This “key of the cane” was created by expanding the image so that the client’s “Blue Bird Project” does not deviate from the world view of the work that he wants to create.

According to Uniko, “When actually using it, it was difficult to pay attention to the balance so that it could be operated comfortably.“apparently.

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