Fans compare the young self to Dwayne Johnson, and it’s a fiasco. After all, the Rock was already an unattainable peak

TV presenter Jimmy Fallon showed himself 15-year-old alongside actor Dwayne Johnson at 15 and made the commentators giggle. After all, the Rock, as a teenager, reached the level of an unattainable peak – and, comparing young themselves with a wrestler, the fans were finally convinced of this. Dwayne, are you really human?

It’s no secret for moviegoers that the actor and wrestler Dwayne Rock Johnson is a rather large man (he got his nickname for a reason), who can boast about 190 centimeters in height and impressive muscles. However, the Fast and the Furious star was distinguished by its serious dimensions even as a teenager – and presenter Jimmy Fallon reminded the Twitter users of this on February 11.

The showman showed in his account how he looked at the age of 15 (spoiler – like an ordinary teenager) and what the Rock was at that age. And it’s better to see it once.

No, Fallon wasn’t playing the fans. In the shot on the left, there is indeed 15-year-old Skala, albeit not easy to believe. In the fall of 2019, a similar snapshot of a teenage Johnson, taken during the same period, went viral on social networks. Fans then unanimously doubted what they saw, Dwayne confirmed the authenticity of the photo (and described what it was like to go to school with such an appearance).

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The actor also reacted to Jimmy Fallon’s post, remembering the time of his youth.

Twitter users, like Scala, could not help laughing at the sight of two such different young men.

Dwayne Johnson at 15 looked like a typical protagonist in anime series, the commentators decided. Perhaps the secret is that he was born 25 years old, the inhabitants of the platform joked. But many of the star’s fans could not boast of such an appearance – and, having unearthed their teenage photos, showed it.

The more fans posted their photos, the clearer it became that Skala was at some special level at the age of 15.

However, in the photographic archives of the Rock there is also a frame from childhood in which he looks less like an adult man. And this guy with an afro and a malocclusion made fans fall in love with a celebrity again.

But no matter how Dwayne Johnson pleases fans with cute content, sometimes he gets criticism. That was when the wrestler gave alcohol to an elderly fan. Indeed, the commentators saw malicious intent in the touching act.


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