Fantasy manga “Jack of all trades Saito in another world” will be made into an anime

Without any details, it was announced that based on the manga “Master of All Trades Saito in Another World” (Handyman Saitou in Another World) will make a television anime.

The comedy fantasy manga Master of All Trades Saito in Another World by Kazutomo Ichitomo has been published on ComicWalker since October 2018. So far, six volumes of the manga have been released. The total circulation of the collections exceeds 300,000 copies (including digital sales).

One day, the jack-of-all-trades Saito found himself in another world. There he met Raelsa, Morlock and Lafanpan. Raelza is a strong and beautiful tsundere warrior. Old Man Morlock is a high-level spell-forgetting wizard. Lafanpan is a sweet but money-hungry fairy. The jack-of-all-trades along with the warrior, the wizard and the fairy are waiting for different adventures. Using the experience he gained before entering the other world, Saito can open a treasure chest, repair armor, or otherwise help his comrades.

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