Faye Valentine comes to life with this wonderful cosplay

Cowboy Bebop gave us many satisfactions and also the existence of Faye Valentine, one of the best and largest bounty hunter from anime history. Now, she came to life thanks to this amazing cosplay.

faye valentine

Source: Sunrise

Play to Faye Valentine it’s challenging, really. Not only because her design is very from her time, which makes her clothing somewhat difficult to replicate, but also because she herself is a character difficult to explain, as are all the protagonists of Cowboy Bebop, one of the animes most beloved of all time.

However, it seems that the cosplayer Ithileryn managed to pin it down perfectly, replicating her wardrobe exactly and precisely, but also giving it that mysterious, strange and unclear touch of what it is. Faye Valentine.

faye valentine cosplay

Fuente: Ithileryn

Of course, she is still an incredible and capable bounty hunter, with exceptional piloting and combat skills. However, what marks her is ignorance, all that she ignores about herself, all that in her is just as vague and confused as in us, who only know her through what she shows us.

While seeing her with a gun ready to shoot down a fugitive criminal is her outer face, it tells us nothing of who she really is and that is where her character takes and gains her entire dimension.

faye cowboy bebop cosplay

Fuente: Ithileryn

Cowboy Bebop She showed us characters like her, who suffer and live hiding their past under a harsh image. A face that does not show what they really are, but that is what has kept them alive, before anything else.

Faye Valentine, in addition to showing us nostalgia for the past world, also shows us her desire to survive and to be what she was, not what she is now. It may be difficult to notice that in two simple photos, but this cosplay manages to present it perfectly.


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