Fena: Pirate Princess is coming to Crunchyroll in August

Crunchyroll and Adult Swim date the anime of Fena: Pirate Princess (Kaizoku Oujo), and incidentally, share a new poster and trailer.

This Tuesday, Crunchyroll Y Adult Swim they finally put a premiere date on the anime of Fena: Pirate Princess. This series, which is part of the line Crunchyroll Originals of the first of these companies, will be available from August 14. As far as this video platform is concerned, it will be viewable with Japanese voice acting and multi-language subtitles. On the other hand, in the programming block of Toonami will have English dubbing.

It is to be imagined that if this anime, known in Japan as Kaizoku Oujo, it will have additional dubbing, such as Latin Spanish. To give greater force to this announcement, a new poster was published with Bad and his friends, in addition to another trailer. This one shows more of the history of this series, which is an original production of Production I.G. In addition to the above, the cast of English voice actors for the show was shared.

On Fena: Pirate Princess, Brittany Cox plays Fena Houtman, Robb Moreira serves as Yukimaru, Nicholas corda embodies Shitan Y Anjali Kunapaneni It is behind the Karin. Brandon Winckler has the role of Enju, Darrel Delfin from life to Kaede, Alan Lee lend your voice to Tsubaki Y Thomas E. Wynn it is Makaba. In addition to the actors and actresses mentioned above, they participate Frank Todaro, which is responsible for Salman, Y Doug Stone from Otto.

From what you see in the trailer, good things can be expected from this anime. It has good quality in terms of character and scenery design, as well as animation. The story comes from Kazuto Nakazawa, who also directs. Previously, he worked on B: The Beginning, Blood+ Y Parasite Dolls. So it will be necessary to see if the episodes that are programmed to tell the whole story reach him, or if there is room for something else.

Unless there is a late announcement in Netflix, Fena: Pirate Princess It will be practically the last premiere of the summer anime season 2021. So far, the quality of the members of Crunchyroll Originals it has varied a lot. There are series that are well worth it, but there are others that are embarrassing to others. In that sense Crunchyroll must care more than productions to finance. Thank goodness that in the case of Kaizoku Oujo the situation is different.

How long will the Fena: Pirate Princess anime last?

Let’s see if thanks to an agreement with Adult Swim It is possible that Uzumaki I arrived at Crunchyroll. It is another of the anime in which he works Production I.G. Thanks to Anime News Network for some details.


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