FestiGame is back! This will be the new online version of the largest video game event in the country

In the coming weeks, the largest video game event in the country will return, in a special and renewed version. Is about FestiGame Online 2021, a festival fully digital to be held between July 16 and 18.

Throughout that weekend, fans will be able to enjoy live content and competitions. There will be news from the main video game developers worldwide and nationally. And also the competitions of cosplay, illustration and gaming. The latter will be divided into tournaments of racing, fighting and soccer.

As in FestiWeek 2020, in this edition all the competitions, news and information of FestiGame Online I know you will find detailed on the official website of the festival.

The transmission will be made through the official FestiGame channel on Twitch. The advantage is that the followers will have the possibility to interact directly with the teams, thus having a more complete experience. All content will also be disseminated on the social networks of Facebook, Instagram Y Twitter de FestiGame.

Al FestiGame Online 2021 they will join various activities in the second half of this year, with content both on their social networks and on the Twitch channel, to keep in touch with gamers fans.

Due to the pandemic of covid-19 in Chile, the organization opted for digital experiences, so that the community can safely enjoy the best content from the world of gamer, cosplayer and the various artists who will participate in this next edition of FestiGame Online.


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