Fifth edition Games, VR and Cosplay: Thousands of visitors at the LGX Convention at Luxexpo

At the Luxexpo in Kirchberg, everything revolved around gambling at the weekend. However, the focus was not on gambling, but on the world of gaming and eSports tournaments, with a mix of cosplay, pop culture and Japanese manga. After a forced break of two years, the event celebrated its fifth edition.

Thousands of fans from Luxembourg and the greater region flocked to the exhibition halls on Kirchberg over the weekend. On more than 8,000 square meters, 150 exhibitors offered their innovations from the areas of gaming, virtual reality, science fiction and cosplay. The offer was aimed at a broad audience with different areas of interest. While many, especially young people, let off steam on the game consoles and competed in virtual competitions, other visitors preferred to live out the role of certain manga characters.

Whether graphic novels, manga, games or figures: collectors will find what they are looking for at the LGX Photo: Editpress/André Feller

The four friends Lydie, Maria, Celine and Sidney went to the games fair in search of new parts for their cosplay. Lydie’s costume portrayed Toga from My Hero Academia, while Maria portrayed Akatsuki from Naruto. Céline has been devoting herself to cosplay for two years, at home she sews her own costumes, according to the role player. On Sunday she visited Luxexpo as Ibuki Mioda, one of the characters from “Danganronpa”.

In search of the final cosplay touches: Lydie, Maria, Celine and Sidney Photo: Editpress/André Feller

A fantasy world without borders

Hector, Ylane and Aymerick were also in costume. The trio was present as a start-up company from France. Her goal is to launch the role-playing game “Reyk” in the coming year. The parlor game should represent a medieval fantasy world with a touch of steampunk and horror on the game board. During the LGX Convention one is looking for certain characters. In addition, crowdfunding is being used to release the game in 2023, Hector said in an interview.

The LGX enjoys a good reputation among cosplayers Photo: Editpress/André Feller

The imaginative world knows no bounds. She should also be shown on shoes. For example, Fabrice Bovigny, an artist from France, offered his services to personalize sneakers. With special colors and varnishes, he brings the dream figures and worlds to the sneakers at the customer’s request. Naturally weatherproof and resistant to dirt. According to the artist, it takes four working days to completely personalize a shoe.

Fabrice personalizes sneakers and hits the nerve of the times Photo: Editpress/André Feller

The fifth edition of the LGX Convention was a complete success, the visitors present were more than satisfied due to the variety of offers. Even abroad you have to travel a long way to find a comparable trade fair, said several visitors.


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