Final Fantasy 7, the cosplay of Aerith from narga_cosplay reveals her tragic fate –

Aerith and his tragic fate are the protagonists of the latter cosplay realized by narga_cosplaywhich pays homage to the original Final Fantasy 7 and the many dramatic implications of that story.

There is no doubt: the scene represented by Natalia is extremely strong and many gamers are still obsessed with it after so many years. The Russian model made it really convincing, and just look at her gaze to understand it.

For the rest, everything is perfect: from the hairstyle to the makeup, from the costume to the post-production, which polishes the image to the point of making it extremely close to a digital creation rather than a photograph.

At this point it is better to lighten the tones: let’s take a look at the cosplay of Tifa Lockhart made by melamori.cosplay, Jannet, shirogane-sama and Xenon_ne.

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