Finally @maze the first photo of the duo Mikan Ibuki. Post in cosplay …

I finally @maze the first photo of Duo Mikan Ibuki.I’ll post in cosplay I also have Mitsuba and Kou with Laura to post TwT because there are so many photos that I really need to post more (and thank you for the maze for repeating the mikan) , And I had to lend him Ibuki) Mikan: I Ibuki: @ maze.polymer 📷: @ wimp37 Game: Danganronpa 2 Characters: Mikan Tsumiki and Ibuki Mioda Hashtag: # Danganronpa 2 # Cosplay Danganronpa 2 #Mikan Tsumiki # Ibuki Mio Dioda 2 # Mikan Tsumiki # Cosplay Ibuki Mioda # Cosplay Mikan # Cosplay Ibuki # Dangan Ronpa # Cosplay Dangan Ronpa # Cosplay

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