Find on Instagram ideas for your Halloween costume inspired by your favorite series

There are only a few days until Halloween night and it may be that you still have not found the ideal costume for the party to which you have been invited at the last minute. Or maybe at the last minute you have decided to go out in disguise with your family. Therefore, here we bring you some ideas from other social network users so that you can dress up as the series that are in fashion at the moment and thus, surprise everyone.

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Cristina Sierra

The Squid Game

We could not start in any other way than with the costume of the most successful series of the moment. The South Korean series is on the lips of the world and costume shops are poised to face the television phenomenon this fall. What’s more, they have not only released a type of costume, but there are costumes on the market for each character in the series as can be seen in the photos of some ‘instagramers’.

The Money Heist

This type of costume is already common at costume parties since the series premiered in 2017. In addition, with the arrival of the fifth and final season of Spanish fiction, surely more than one decides to take advantage of the fact that the series is still on. fashion to honor the characters of the red diver and Dalí mask.

Peaky Blinders

Dressing up as a criminal gang or mafia is a tradition on Halloween. But in addition, the characters in this popular series allow you to have the option of dressing up as a mafia group, yes, but elegant and vintage. A seamless combination that promises to be the highlight of the party.

The Umbrella Academy

Taking inspiration from the characters in this Netflix series that tells the story of a dysfunctional family of superheroes is a great idea to dress up as a group. Each person can choose a different character and together form a good team, not like in the series. In addition, if between mask and mask someone loses the uniform of this family, it allows you to locate it immediately. Although it is true that it can lead to confusion if someone is going to disguise the characters of Elite.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is another series that can not be missed at any Halloween party. As with the characters in The Umbrella Academy, This series is ideal to dress up in a group and that each one goes as a different character. This option even allows you to customize your home, as they have done in Utah (United States) to scare the neighbors. Mind you, let’s hope no one disappears at the end of the night.

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Sandra Gonfaus

Doll from 'The Squid Game'

The Handmaid’s Tale

The Hulu series, which in Spain is available on HBO, is one of those that allows you to dress up without breaking your head a lot in the making. All you need is a red cape and go in a group looking down at the ground all night. As seen in the image, imagine walking into a bar on Halloween night and finding a group dressed like this. It gives a very bad feeling.

Game of Thrones

Although it has been a year since the series ended its eighth season, it is never a bad thing to remember during Halloween those characters who made us enjoy and suffer so much for eight years. In addition, with the news of the imminent prequel to the series, many people will choose to dress up as Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Jaime Lannister or Arya Stark.

The Walking Dead

Following the path of the traditional series ideal for Halloween could not miss The Walking Dead, a story about a zombie apocalypse is perfect for these dates. In addition, the series allows to give a return to the typical Sheriff costume that we are so fed up with seeing.

Rick and morty

The last two proposals are for the most daring people, those who are willing to surprise their friends and family with the most original costumes for Halloween.

Rick and morty It is the ideal costume for couples and also, it is not very difficult to achieve a good result.

Bojack Horseman

Okay, we already know that this proposal seems complicated. But it is not so, look at the photos of Instagram. To dress up as Bojack, the clothes are easy to obtain, and afterwards, you can search for a horse mask of the character on the internet or search for a horse mask and adapt it to the face that Bojack has.

To pose as Carolyn on Halloween night, the important thing is to paint your face and hair pink and add some cat whiskers. As for the wardrobe, with a turquoise dress to which you can add the silhouette of some fish and a yellow cardigan, you already have it.

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