First trailer for the Netflix anime about the Kaiju cracker published

In March there will be new anime fodder on Netflix: “Pacific Rim: The Black”. And there is now a first teaser trailer.

In 2013, director Guillermo del Toro fulfilled a long-cherished dream with “Pacific Rim”: a quasi-live-action version of the cult anime “Neon Genesis Evangelion“. A sequel followed in 2018 with “Pacific Rim: Uprising”. After both films were only able to convince at the box office to a limited extent and not at all, the focus now follows on the source material: With “Pacific Rim: The Black“Legendary Entertainment is now following the path of the anime. And what fans can expect with “Pacific Rim: The Black” can now be seen in the very first teaser trailer: News – Harry Potter series planned and Game of Thrones replenishment

The teaser trailer doesn’t show much yet, but the focus here is on the siblings Taylor and Hayley, who apparently climb one of the giant Jaeger with little or no experience. In any case, the animation quality looks high-quality and already promises an exciting series for everyone who can’t get enough of the eternal battle between Kaiju and Jaeger.

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Pacific Rim: The Black: What is the series about?

Australia already played a role as a location in “Pacific Rim”. Sidney was the scene of incredible devastation by the Kaiju. The anime “Pacific Rim: The Black” is now returning to Australia again. The continent has now been overrun by Kaiju. The times in which the people with Jaeger opposed them are long gone. The few people who are still in Australia are struggling to survive. Among them are the siblings Taylor and Hayley. Since their parents went missing, they have had to get by on their own. In search of their parents, they come across an abandoned but functional Jaeger – their only chance.

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Craig Kyle (“Thor: Decision Day”) and Greg Johnson (“X-Men: Evolution”), who have a lot of animation experience, served as showrunners for the anime series. The anime was produced by Polygon Pictures from Tokyo. “Pacific Rim: The Black” stands from March 4, 2021 available through Netflix.

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