“Five souls”, black magic and shocking secrets in Francesco Leo’s thriller by Altrimedia Edizioni “-

1980/2020: two temporal coordinates forty years apart for an unsolved case that continues to haunt Commissioner Matteo Iardi. In 1980 his sister passed away and, since then, his family’s life has fallen apart. That wound, which has never healed, returns strongly to hurt when human remains are found wrapped in four white sais depicting a pentacle. In the cave, the scene of the macabre discovery, four dates are also engraved: for the policeman it could be the turning point in the case that upset his life.

Start like this Five souls (Altrimedia Edizioni) by Francesco Leo, a fast-paced thriller with an impeccable style in which past and present are indissolubly intertwined. The killer, from the reconstruction of the Police, could in fact return to strike very soon: those dates (88, 96, 04, 12) speak for themselves, there is a madman who strikes every eight years and, in 2020, a race against the time to avert yet another murder.

Between black magic and shocking secrets, the author leads the reader in a spiral of situations to the limit towards an unimaginable ending.

From the bandella: “Despite the bitter cold he remained still in his suit by now as scruffy as his spirit, motionless wandering in places unknown to the mind.

He returned after several minutes, when the chill he had not felt until then came to shake him all at once. He turned on the air conditioner in the living room and went to his room, where on a piece of furniture a photo of Sofia was looking at him. He advanced to the portrait, and stroked the edges of the dusty frame with his fingers.

“I have often stopped to think if I really am what you thought I was. And so I changed shape several times, in search of the one akin to my being. In search of myself. I laughed, I cried and finally I fell, but I did it with my legs and today there is no mistake that I would not repeat. Because if I have come this far it is thanks to the choices I have made, right or wrong, ”she whispered, her fingertips tightened around the image. “I will continue to dare, before fear makes me the shadow of what I wanted to be. And maybe we will find ourselves united at the end of the journey. “”

Francesco Leo, class of ’92, was born in Magliano Sabina (RI). He is the author and reader.

Dreamer since childhood, he immediately became interested in fantasy, cinema, acting and books.

Today he is editor, scriptwriter for amateur short films and manages On Writing, a writing-themed Youtube channel.

He made his debut with the fantasy trilogy The cycle of rebirth (Paguro Edizioni), translated abroad into English and French with the contribution of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities. From the saga is a soundtrack collected in three discs. Soon after she posted Reset (PubMe, Tulipani Series), a short novel with thriller and dark fantasy nuances.

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