For Euro 2021, we offer you an excerpt from our book Le Sport anime!

For Euro 2021, we offer you an excerpt from our book Le Sport anime!

June 11, 2021 | 0 comments

Come to the school of champions, or Olive and Tom, they are still in good shape, that will agree with many fans of football and anime! On the occasion of the kickoff of theEuro 2021 this evening, we offer you an extract under the sign of the round ball with our book ”Le Sport anime, 50 years of sports series in Japan! ”We wish you a good reading and a good game!

Extract The anime sport

We hope you enjoyed the little warm-up before the kick-off tonight. Sport anime is already available for pre-order, rediscover 50 years of sports series in Japan and have fun before the second half!


Captain Tsubasa, Slam Dunk, Haikyû !!, Jeanne and Serge, Ashita no Joe, Initial D… Relive with us the emotions of 50 years of sports series!
Olive and Tom (Captain Tsubasa) is not just a football story. If theanime inspired the champions Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé, he popularized the practice of round ball in Japan and initiated the creation of a professional league there! In the same way, Jeanne and Serge (Attacker You!) has increased the number of volleyball club registrants in several countries.

Sport and manga form a virtuous circle: by drawing inspiration from real athletes to create the heroes, Japanese comics create exemplary champions who transmit to readers the passion for sport. Whether it’s basketball (Slam Dunk), American Football (Eyeshield 21), swimming (Free!), figure skating (Yuri!!! on Ice) or motor sports (Initial D), there is always a manga or a anime that celebrates your favorite sport. Beyond the presentation of the works, it is thus the evolution of the figure of the hero, the progress of sports practices and the diversity of narrative issues that are highlighted throughout the pages of this focus on Animated Sport ! So, are you ready to kick off?

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