Formosa hosted a new Anime Expo: enjoy a different form of art with the family

Formosa was the venue for two days packed with anime, in what was a new event of this theme in its winter edition carried out by the Anime Formosa group.

The Yacht Club located on the coastal promenade was the meeting point for hundreds of young people, invited cosplayers from the NEA, families and the general public, to enjoy two days full of games, live demonstrations, artistic contests, a parade of cosplays (costumes ), food court and perhaps the most anticipated of the day, the presence of renowned cosplayers from the region who brought to life the most famous characters from comics, video games and anime series.

On Saturday, from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., event attendees were able to tour and purchase official and fanmade merchandise from their favorite series and artists at the various stalls, in addition to participating in the game sectors, in what was a family day.

From 9:00 p.m. In the closed room of the club, the first anime-themed party in the province was held, a fact that had the youngest as protagonists.

For Sunday, the main event was undoubtedly the definition of the cosplay contest and the drawing contest, but There was also a martial arts exhibition, a spicy ramen contest, dancing, and a video game tournament.

Both days were animated by Matías Romero, who was the guest host from Corrientes and is the one who runs the YouTube channel Zona Freak, dedicated to news about movies, series and comics.

Among the cosplayers who were present and delighted the public with their art, we found from Corrientes to Lucio HR. (Spiderman), Hernan T. (Deadpool), Dark King cosplay (who personified Giyu Tomioka and Spawn), Moka cosplay y Luis Lopez (Batman). On the other hand, from the province of Chaco, were present Bastian Cosplay (Itachi de Naruto) y Bloodeath cosplay (Like Arthas, the Lich King from World of Warcraft). From the province of Santa Fe made an appearance Taka Cosplaywho personified Zoro and Goku.

The musicalization of the anime party was in charge of DJ Leo Moine and Alejandro Davis from Formosa.

«I’m from Resistencia, Chaco. It is the first time that I come to Formosa and the truth is that I love the number of people who came, you cannot walk and it is very nice that there are many family groups»pointed out for this medium Victoria Encina, a renowned cosplayer in the environment who goes by the stage name Bloodeath cosplay and always surprises the public with her meticulous work with the armor of the cosplays she performs.

«That many parents accompany the children in this activity that is a different form of art, such as singing, dancing, drawing» remarked.

For his part, Fabián Ojeda, a native of Corrientes, known in the cosplay environment as Dark King Cosplay, pointed out: «It was like a hobby, I didn’t take it very seriously, they were simple jobs. A few years ago they started calling me to events and I liked being able to travel. It is the second time that I come to this event and I really like it a lot because many people come and it is always good to be greeted, recognized and make people happy with your work.»

«I came from Sáenz Peña, Chaco directly just to participate in this event. I feel very good because these events allow the culture that we like to expand more than before » said cosplayer from Chaco Bastian Cosplay.

Gradually grow the presence of anime events in Formosa

The expo carried out successfully this weekend and with great public attendance, it has been one of a series that has been taking place since the pre-pandemic in the city and the number of attendees who attend each time events of this type is also exponential. type are developed in the provincial territory.

In many cases, they bring together people from the interior, from neighboring provinces and even from Paraguay, who travel exclusively to join the party that implies being able to share the same interests with other people.

It is vital to point out that although the Japanese cultural movement continues to be promoted mainly by independent groups of fans – who have participated in the movement for years and with effort have set up a regional network of artists, exhibitors and fans – it is evident that from different public spaces little by little little alternatives are being offered so that everyone can participate in cultural spaces that are of interest to them, as in this case is the case with anime culture.

This would not be possible without the existence of a niche public that continues to expand year after year and allows these events to be a resounding success.of that not only brings together young people but also encompasses several generations of a family.

As an example of this, we can mention the recent events held by Anime Formosa at the “Los Igloo” Sports Complex on October 09 and 10, 2021, an event that had the support of the province’s municipality, or the Geek Fest that took place on December 5 of that same year, on that occasion organized by the Frente de Todos at the Aguará Rugby and Hockey Club venue.

More recently, the mini fuyu, a small expo about anime, was carried out by councilman Marcelo Sosa in the Guadalupe neighborhood.

A few days ago, from the networks of the same councilor it was confirmed a next edition for the month of September due to the concurrence of the neighbors to it.

Events not just for fans

In addition to the main purpose of bringing together fans of this cultural movement, the fact that more events of this nature are held in the city allows the region’s economic area to be activated NEAsince just as it happens with the displacement of cosplay artists, numerous entrepreneurs who offer merchandise linked to this world, move through the provinces accompanying each new expo.

Thus, the consumption of its products, some of which are difficult to obtain either because of their ignorance or the interprovincial or, in some cases, international shipping fees that must be paid.


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