Freakcon returns on April 24 and 25, this year in a new online format

The International Manga, Comic, TV Series and Video Game Convention will focus on meetings with national actors, soundtrack concerts and different exhibitions. This event will be held online under an extensive program that will take place on Saturday and Sunday from April 24 to 25. Hurona Rolera will be the host of this event. The streamer and influencer, with more than 11 million followers, will liven up the different sections that completely cover the panorama of culture and entertainment: cosplay contest, workshops, TV series and movies, Kpop contest, rapper battle, video game tournaments, artist and craftsmen alley and conferences.

Meeting of actors

In this first online edition, there will be visits via streaming from film personalities and national series such as Verónica Sánchez, leading actress in the new Netflix series “Sky Rojo” Jesús Vidal, actor winner of the Goya award for the film “Campeones” Javier Quintas , director of “La Casa de Papel” or “Toy Boy”, Sara Solomando, communication manager of Vancouver Media (producer of La Casa de Papel) among others.

Artist’s alley and artisans area

El Callejón del Artista and the Artisan Zone are transferred to the online format, becoming a spectacular web showcase of articles and products from

all kinds, so that all spectators and visitors can make their purchases as if it were the face-to-face event. This space is offered free of charge to artists and artisans, in order to help their activity reach all Freakcon lovers.


This online edition does not forget about this very important space for its visitors, offering round tables, talks and interviews with personalities of the sector such as the cartoonists Idígoras and Pachi who will give a touch of humor to the event with their latest project. The event, thanks to the collaboration of Fundación ONCE, will feature Carlos Soroa, Miriam Fernández, Paloma Soroa and Cristina Ciarimboli, who will show the advantages of creating inclusive cinema in all its areas. Paco Hernández, one of the great sages of the comic industry in our country, will conduct a question and answer among all fans, to solve the questions that intrigue comic book lovers.


FreakCon will have various origami, cooking or 3D printing workshops in video tutorial format and TIPS video so that all lovers of crafts and popular culture can enjoy this type of activity through our online format.


Freakcon Online offers the opportunity to participate in a multitude of raffles, completely free of charge, that will energize the networks and the event from its presentation until the last minute. Thanks to the online format, via Twitch and YouTube, the raffles will be available to all viewers, who will be able to participate in all of them without leaving their seat and without losing the opportunity to win many fantastic prizes.

Performances and concerts

At Freakcon 2021 there will also be space for music and live concerts with the young musical artist Elesky, who will delight with a concert of soundtrack music to close the event. It will be joined by Fran Romguer, the award-winning composer, pianist and audiovisual communicator from Malaga who is hitting it on Twitch, who will perform the best piano video game soundtracks.

On the other hand, attendees will be able to enjoy the Super Heroes edition rapper battle brimming with improvisation thanks to rappers BTA, FJ, Kbza and MUTE. Finally, we should highlight the workshop carried out by the choreographer Eddie Valencia, who participated in the MBC survival program, Under Nineteen.

Cosplay contests and KPOP

FreakCon Online hosts an unmissable appointment with the cosplay contest and has established itself as an international benchmark attracting stars and influencers from the world of cosplay with Hekady, a famous national cosplayer, as the presenter. Regarding the KPOP genre, in our online edition we dedicated 1,000 euros in cash to the contest, one of the highest prizes in Spain, again encouraging the Asian dance community to join this competition. For the online edition we will have the same performances as in the face-to-face event, this time in video format by the participants.

Video game

In the V edition and to the delight of all Esports fans, this online edition of Freakcon will become the official stop of the STORM CIRCUIT of League of Legends and Valorant, by the hand of GGTech Entertainment. This show will be broadcast on the FreakCon Twitch channel, and will be completely free to all viewers.


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