From Saturday 11 December edition 7 of Xmas Comics and Games. With Anonima Fumetti, Disney, Diabolik et al.

Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 December the seventh edition of Xmas Comics and Games, the Christmas event dedicated to comics, games, video games and cosplay.

The ticket office is sold out. Tickets this year were in fact limited due to restrictions due to the health emergency; the latest admission titles available are sold out on Tuesday 7 December.

Comics area: guests and the program. An area dedicated to Diabolik on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of comics.

In 2022 Diabolik, the historical character created by the Giussani sisters in 1962 and published by Astorina, turns sixty. Xmas Comics has decided to celebrate the event by setting up an area entirely dedicated to the most famous criminal of Italian comics. In the area dedicated to King of Terror set up in Pavilion 3 there are some of the leading authors of the publishing house Astorina: the inker Stefania Caretta and cartoonists Giulia Francesca Massaglia e Giorgio Montorio. The three artists are available to the public for customized designs and prints, made especially for the fair. In addition to the presence of the authors, it is also possible to see the poster and the promotional video material of the film Diabolik (produced by Mompracem and Rai Cinema and distributed by 01 Distribution) by Manetti Bros, starring Luca Marinelli, Miriam Leone and Valerio Mastandrea. The film will be officially released in theaters on Thursday 16 December 2021. Thanks to the collaboration with Italian post, on the occasion of Xmas Comics are out two specials philatelic cancellations e two postcards dedicate a Diabolik, available at the fair for all the fans.

Present at the fair, in the authors area, Sergio Giardo, designer and cover designer of Nathan Never, as well as a teacher at the International School of Comics in Turin. First time in Turin for the satirical cartoonist Stefano Drawings, author of strips on il Fatto Quotidiano, Corriere della Sera and Ciak. At the fair presents Fabrizio Ialongo the detective with the diphthong (Editor silhouette) an opportunity to rediscover a long-mistreated decade, the Eighties, and its music. Back to the fair Andrea Cavaletto, creative, illustrator and screenwriter, one of the most innovative and authoritative voices of Italian horror; Sunday 12 December is the protagonist of the meeting Piedmontese gothic horror in comics. Together with him, in the agora Christian Sartirana, Elena Chiappini, Attila Schwanz e Barbara Astegiano. Also in the agora, Saturday 11 Giorgio ‘Cattivik’ Sommacal and Augusto ‘’ Rasori present Rapa & Nui, new editorial from Sbam! Comics.

Back to Turin Maccio Capatonda, comedian, screenwriter, writer and voice actor; Maccio is present at the Lingotto both days in his “Shop” stand for signing and autograph sessions. Appointment also Saturday afternoon at 17 on stage for an interview on his latest project for Audibile, Deadly podcasts.

The Italian Coast Guard presents on Saturday morning in the agora (11 am) the institutional calendar 2022, this year entrusted to the unmistakable trait of an internationally renowned artist such as Maupal, street-artist capable of connecting art with irony. The result is an original and unpublished story, in which the Roman artist’s imagination manages to go one step beyond the plausible.

The Comics Company tackles, on Sunday 12 in the agora, the theme of violence in comics. Why in an age like ours does fear devour the imagination and manifest itself in violent narratives? He talks about it with Alberto Arato e Nico Vassallo. For the occasion, the graphic novel is presented The rule of emptiness, work in which it is shown that the comic is an extraordinary means of fighting, for example, the violence economic against women.

Themed appointment Disney (Sunday 12 to 15) together with the boys of Twenty-year-olds crying while reading the saga of Scrooge Scrooge, a very popular online lounge on social channels. In the appointment TopoVino: highly graded Disney comics they address, with a pinch of irony, the progressive disappearance of alcoholic beverages on Mickey Mouse and in Disney comics in general.

Massimo Pini and Andrea Modugno present, Sunday 12, the new issue of the fantasy comic Darek, Beyond the dark. Appointment at 13 in the agora.

He is at home at the Lingotto Cristiano Spadavecchia, designer of Brendon, Morgan Lost, Zagor and Tex, all of Sergio Bonelli Editore, present in the authors area both days of the fair for customized drawings and sketches. There are also numerous authors present on the stands of publishing houses such as Sbam! Comics, Mangasenpai, Tora, Nothing to say. Some of the names present at the fair: Mario Airaghi, Marco Natale, Daniele Daccò, Giulia Della Ciana, Alessandra Zanetti.

The voices of the Paper House at Xmas Comics

I return great voice actors in Turin. Also this year there will be a host of famous voices from the world of cinema and TV series. A few days after the release on Netflix of the final episodes of the series (the 5 final episodes of the fifth season are available starting from December 3), Xmas Comics hosts the voices of some of the protagonists of The House of Paper. Saturday 11 December I’m at the fair Mirko Cannella, voice of Rio (played by Miguel Herràn), Perla Liberatori, voice actress from Nairobi (played by Alba Flores) e Massimo De Ambrosis, voice of Arturo Roman (played by Enrique Arce), to reveal to the public anecdotes and curiosities about the final season of one of the most famous series in the world, which entered the collective imagination also thanks to the famous costumes and masks of Salvador Dalì worn by robbers.

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