From SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE FIGURE and the TV anime “No Game No Life”, the white Lolita costume based on the concept of Alice in Wonderland will be released as a 1/7 scale figure in early July! | Press release of CyberZ Co., Ltd.

Figure brand “SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE FIGURE” (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Takahiro Yamauchi), a consolidated subsidiary of CyberZ Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Rina Takai) (Commonly known as “Shibuya Suku Figure”) is one of “White -Alice in Wonderland Ver.-“, which is a white Lolita costume based on the concept of Alice in Wonderland from the TV anime “No Game No Life”. It has been decided that the 7-scale figure will be available for pre-order in early July.

■ Title: No Game No Life “White -Alice in Wonderland Ver.-“

From the TV anime “No Game No Life” comes a 1 / 7th scale figure of the white Lolita outfit based on the concept of Alice in Wonderland. Please enjoy the cute white figure holding a stuffed rabbit ear and wearing a blue dress.

■Product Overview

Product Name: No Game No Life “White -Alice in Wonderland Ver.-“
Size: 1/7 scale PVC painted finished product
Size: Height 242 mm x Width 195 mm x Depth 225 mm
Reservation period: Early July 2021
Prototype: Design COCO (Art Director: CHIGA)
Color: Design COCO (Art Director: CHIGA)
Director: Mikake
Manufacture: Alpha Satellite Co., Ltd.
Distributor: eStream Co., Ltd.
Price: 32,780 yen (tax included)
Signature notation: (C) 2014 Yuu Kamiya, published by KADOKAWA Media Factory / No Game No Life Plenipotentiary Committee

* The photo shown is a coloring prototype under development. It may be slightly different from the actual product.
Since the coloring process is a manual process for painting products, there are some differences between products. Please note.


A high-quality luxury figure brand developed by eStream that is conscious of “scale” and “dynamic”. We aim to create world-class products (figures) with world-class IP. The brand name is based on the idea of ​​transmitting culture from Shibuya to the world. Known as “Shibuya Suku Figure”.

■ eStream Co., Ltd.

eStream was established in August 2017, expanded from the talent management business, and is currently a merchandising business that handles various IPs (, We are developing an online entertainment business such as an online lottery business, which is a new form of goods sales. In 2020, “SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE FIGURE”, a high-quality luxury figure brand that focuses on “scale” and “dynamic” ”, And established the soft vinyl figure brand“ Shibuya Sofubi Arts ”in pursuit of beauty, detail and dynamism, and is working on the development of figures that maximize the appeal of IP.

■ Company profile

Company name eStream Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Headquarters 2-24-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Shibuya Scramble Square 23rd floor
Representative Rina Takai, President and CEO

■ About CyberZ

Established in 2009 as an advertising marketing company specializing in smartphones. We develop a wide range of marketing businesses such as operation / effect verification in smartphone advertising, traffic advertising and web commercial production. In addition to Japan, we have branch offices in San Francisco, South Korea, and Taiwan, and we also support the overseas expansion of domestic advertisers and the expansion of overseas advertisers into Japan. In addition, we operate the game video distribution platform “” as a media business and the largest e-sports event “RAGE” in Japan as an e-sports business.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of CyberZ, we are developing the business of “eStream Co., Ltd.”, which conducts online entertainment business such as figure sales and online lottery, and “CyberE Co., Ltd.”, an advertising marketing business specializing in e-sports.


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