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Fuka Koshiba, who attracted attention for playing the main character Kiki in a live-action movie of Kiki’s Delivery Service. At that time, I still had the impression of a pretty girl, but now I’m growing up to be a woman full of adult charm. Many images with a sense of privacy have been uploaded on Instagram, but this time it has become a hot topic that the cosplay of One Piece’s most popular character, Bibi, is too reproducible.

What is Fuka Koshiba?

A young actress who plays the main character Kiki in movies and Kiki’s Delivery Service, as well as MCs and narrators in dramas, commercials, movies, and theatrical performances. He is also starring in the currently airing “Mokomi-She’s a little weird”. Fuka Koshiba, who has such a multi-talented talent, showed off her cosplay appearance on Instagram, which is one of the most popular one-piece characters by Eiichiro Oda.

What is One Piece’s most popular character, Bibi?

image: Second Edition SUNDAY

The princess of the Kingdom of Alabasta that appears in the Alabasta edition. Once decided, he has a strong core and has a passionate spirit to challenge anything. Also, as a royal family, he cherishes the people and is loved by the people. At one point, he was hostile to the Straw Hat Pirates, but on the contrary, he was helped. Finally, the scene of parting with the Straw Hat Pirates is one of the most famous scenes that cannot be seen without tears. Fuka Koshiba has successfully reproduced such a famous scene.

Reproduce that famous scene

Reproducibility is too high! !! That famous scene is back now! !!

Not only Fuka Koshiba fans but also One Piece fans would have praised this reproduction. 40,000 likes for this post! It has a high evaluation. (As of 19:30 on February 4th)

In addition, this post has a cosplay figure of Bibi posted in “ONE PIECE magazine” released on February 4, and it seems to be a back shot of it.

Twitter reaction

I immediately thought about it and saw “ONE PIECE magazine”. Not only the back shot but also the front view is posted. 120% of the charm of Fuka Koshiba is included. We recommend that you buy it at a bookstore in a hurry! !!

Speaking of Fuka Koshiba, she posted her clothes for the past 10 years on Instagram, and it became a hot topic.

Fuka Koshiba Profile

Date of birth April 16, 1997
Hometown Osaka Prefecture
Blood type A
Height 156 cm
Hobby knitting
Special skill figure skating

source: Oscar promotion

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