Fuka Koshiba, “ONE PIECE” Bibi Cosplay’s back view released online “Isshou Nakama” / February 4, 2021 Page 1 –Entertainment –News

Actress Fuka Koshiba updated her Instagram on the 4th and posted a cosplay shot of character Bibi from the popular work “ONE PIECE”. A big response is gathering in that figure.

[Photo]Fuka Koshiba, “ONE PIECE” Bibi

On this day, Koshiba posted, “This is an announcement. Today, I challenged Bibi’s cosplay, which is published in” ONE PIECE magazine “released on February 4th (Thursday).” A solo shot of herself wearing Bibi’s costume. Although only in the back, he showed a familiar pose that pushed his fist high into the heavens.

In response to Koshiba’s appeal, “Please take a look,” cheers such as “Fuka-chan’s Bibicos is absolutely cute,” “I can only grow with her back and this pose,” and “I’ll call this princess a lifelong companion.” Is one after another. Fans who have already purchased it have received praise such as “I am surprised at the degree of perfection that seems to have jumped out of the animation.”

Quote: “Fuka Koshiba” Instagram (@fuka_koshiba_official)


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