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Although games and animation are originally different media (≠), this series was launched from the desire to focus on the common items (≒) in them. While introducing the hottest anime every time from the perspective of anime critic Ryota Fujitsu, the Gamer editorial department will pick up what kind of game fans the anime can recommend.

This time, Shingo Natsume, who is known as the director of “One Punch Man” and “ACCA 13th Ward Inspection Division”, will be the director, screenwriter, and original, and the staff members such as Madhouse of production and Hisashi Eguchi of the character draft will be in July 2021. We will take up the original “SF Youth Group Image Drama” animation “Sonny Boy” that is being broadcast.

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26th “Sonny Boy”

“Sonny Boy” is very interesting. It’s a work with such a unique feel that you can put your hand in a closed box and imagine what you touched.

36 third-year junior high school students who were washed ashore on an uninhabited island in a different world. They acquire special abilities before and after drifting. For example, the main character Nagara’s ability is “teleport.” You can move your place to another space. Mizuho is “Nyamazon” where cats deliver various products. They will use their abilities to find ways to escape from this world.

First of all, the episode about the “rules” at the beginning is interesting. Before the broadcast, I thought that more emphasis would be placed on survival, but there is almost no difficulty in food, clothing and shelter. Instead, the focus is on the quest for strange rules that govern this strange world. In the first place, it was an episode about the rules for governing the school from the first episode before reaching the uninhabited island. In the first half, where there were many developments to think about finding invisible rules, there was something interesting like a science fiction mystery.

However, the story changes in the second half of the game. The students are divided by the agitation of Aki-sensei who suddenly appears, and the students are divided into a group trying to escape under Aki-sensei and a group centered on Nagara and others. However, a group called “Beatnik” appeared there, and while giving a hint of the truth of the world, Nagara himself became even closer to what he should be. This modulation was also interesting.

Next, how to make a visual is interesting. The effects of waves and flames are like oil paintings, and when it comes to long shots, the characters are drawn in the style of art without the main line. Overall, the impression is that the consciousness that “it’s an anime, so it’s okay to be a picture” stands in front of me, rather than “I want you to think it’s a picture but it’s real”. Even when Asafu used his abilities in the first episode, he added a special effect to the screen itself, such as broken glass, and showed his abilities by the anomaly of the picture itself. In the third episode, the background of the blue sky suddenly turned into a cloth back, and there was also an expression that entered another world. The art itself has a style that allows you to see the touch of the brush, which is why the atmosphere created is also attractive.

And how to use music. The scene where the music is played is thoroughly narrowed down, which is why the directing guidance regarding the character’s emotions is thin, and the viewer’s emotions are more like witnessing the drifting life of 36 people on the spot rather than being close to someone. become. The unique aftertaste of this work is largely due to the way this music is used.

What is the end of this drift? I’m looking forward to seeing the final episode.

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