Gate anime manga DVD season 1-2 full series

For sale 2015-2016 one of the most popular isekai-fantasy TV anime series, the GATE original DVD release.

In the near future, a dimensional gate will open in the middle of Tokyo’s shopping district, through which various mythical creatures will flood the neighborhood. The Japanese Defense Forces, at the cost of serious casualties, but successfully repel the invasion of monsters, and after several months of preparation, send an entire regiment through the Gate to prevent another invasion and gather information about the world that fits into the classic fantasy.

The entire series, i.e. both seasons, has a total of 24 episodes on 5 DVDs.

Brand new, original UK edition of MVM Entertainment (expanded only for photos, but also with factory cellophane on it), with English and Japanese soundtracks and English subtitles. In perfect condition, it is also a perfect gift for animates.

Now at a discounted price. When ordering from abroad, it currently costs 12-13,000 HUF.

It can be picked up in person in Gödöllő, on weekends in Pest at Kök, or I can also mail it, by prior arrangement.

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