Gekidol chapter 5 online when to watch the anime premiere on Crunchyroll

The 2021 winter anime season kicked off in January in Japan. A large number of animated productions from the Asian country will be released to the joy of all fans of oriental culture.

One of the most outstanding works is the first season of Gekidol. The series was first announced in December 2015 and featured merchandise at Comic Market 89 the same year. However, the anime will arrive in 2021, thanks to Hoods Entertainment.

Gekidol Chapter 5 will air in Japan on the television network AT-X next January 19 and five days later, in BS Fuji.

Gekidol, Chapter 5 – Trailer

How and when to watch Gekidol episode 5?

The capí tulo 5 de Gekidol It will premiere in Japan this February 2, 2021 at 10:30 am (Peruvian time). At the same time and day, it can be viewed through the website of Crunchyroll. Check below what time you can see the launch according to the country where you are:

  • Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Panama: Tuesday February 2 at 10.30 am
  • Mexico, Central America (except Panama): Tuesday, February 2 at 11:30 am
  • Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico: Tuesday, February 2 at 12:30 pm
  • Chile, Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay: Tuesday, February 2 at 1:30 p.m.

Gekidol – official synopsis

The series takes place five years after a mysterious catastrophe wiped out the largest and most inhabited cities in the world. After the incident, a group of young people will try to bring joy back to the post-apocalyptic world with the use of 3D holograms in their shows.


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