German Comic Con opens the trade fair gates in Dortmund

Around 70 stars from film and television present themselves to fans at the German Comic Con. Fair opens from 3rd to 5th December in Dortmund.

Every year Dortmund becomes a Hollywood outpost. Because: For the German Comic Con, numerous stars and starlets from film and television come to the exhibition halls, followed of course by a rush of fans. From December 3rd to 5th, autograph tables will be set up and pens will be laid out. There are stars from series such as “Vikings”, “Stranger Things” and “Sons of Anarchy”. However, there is much more to discover at German Comic Con: From shopping adventures to cosplay competitions, everything is there.

With the latter, there are no limits to creativity – at least almost. Weapons, even if they are just a dummy, are checked in advance and the costume must not be too revealing. However, that shouldn’t be a problem with role models like Mr. Spock, Captain America or many a Manga princess. The cosplay competition usually takes place on Comic-Con Saturday.

DeLorean was a slow seller

It starts on Friday, however. And there, too, fans can already dust off photos with some stars – even if not for nothing. For example, if you want to smile at the camera with Christopher Lloyd, you pay an impressive 100 euros. Instead, the actor, who became famous for his role as Doc Brown in the “Back to the Future” series, poses in front of a mock-up DeLorean. The sports car with the imposing gullwing doors was only a success on the screen, however. The production of the expensive shopkeeper was scrapped again after just under two years, in December 1982.

But success stories could certainly also be written in the 80s – of a cinematic nature. “A Nightmare on Elm Street” grossed 26 million dollars in North America alone. The fictional mass murderer Freddy Krüger, who ambushed his victim in nightmares, caused goosebumps. The man with the knife glove is called Robert Englund in real life and, like Lloyd, will be a guest at the German Comic on all three days. With the Master of Terror, fans get a little cheaper. A picture with the now 74-year-old master of horror is already available for 80 euros.

Stars from “Vikings” and “Stranger Things”

Fans of more modern thrills should look forward to Gaten Matarazzo on Saturday, who has played one of the leading roles in the popular series “Stranger Things” since 2016. In the science fiction mystery format, Matarazzo’s character Dustin Henderson is on the trail of secret government experiments.

Travis Fimmel and Gustav Skarsgård should be familiar with conspiracies of a much more violent nature. After all, the two of them get caught up in all sorts of intrigues in the series “Vikings”. And as was the case in the Viking times, the only thing that helped was reaching for the ax. Without a hatchet, Travis Fimmel will present himself to the fans on Saturday with his most charming smile. Gustav Skarsgård has been announced for all three days of the fair. For some stars – after all, over 70 have been announced – there could be short-term cancellations due to the corona. There is information about this on the website of the event.

Q&A with the actors and actresses

But money can not only be spent at the German Comic-Con on photos and autographs of your favorite actor – there are also all kinds of stalls waiting for the visitors. While strolling through the exhibition halls, t-shirts, collectible figurines and the eponymous comics can be purchased. In keeping with this, some comic artists and cartoonists will also present their skills in Dortmund.

So it shouldn’t be boring at the fair. After all, the stars also answer questions from fans at panel discussions, tell about new projects and indulge in memories. But it’s not just the actors who work hard, the fans too. Many a group presents self-made film sets and other exciting activities. Pulling out the mobile phone camera is enough for a nice – free – picture.

The info

German Comic Con: 3-5 December, Fri 1 p.m. to 6 p.m., Sat 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sun 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Messe, Rheinlanddamm 200, Dortmund.

Tickets: Day ticket Friday 25 €, day ticket Saturday and Sunday 55 € each. The “Weekend Pass” for both days costs 100 €.

Current information Corona regulations can be found on the website or announced via Facebook

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