girl achieves amazing Hange Zoe cosplay

With the fall of the glorious Commander Erwin Smith, the genius and almighty Hange Zoe was the one who was commissioned to lead the reconnaissance corps and this cospaly is a good way to remember why she is who she is in the army of the Isla Pardis in Shingeki no Kyojin.

hange snk

Source: Wit Studio

With the premiere of the new season of Shingeki no Kyojin We also have many changes that resulted from the last battle between humanity from the walls of the Isla Paradis, and the shifting titans from Marley.

Of course, one of those consequences was the death of Erwin Smith, who yielded his position as commander to Hange Zoe, the Titan geek who is not only a scientific genius, but also a battlefield genius.

In this great cosplay, made by the cosplayer Carscosplay, we can see in a masterly way the new image of Commander Zoe in the assault on Marley in the declaration of war against the demons of the island, an event that will completely change the history of the anime.

cosplay hange zoe

Source: Carscosplay

As you can see, here you have the new equipment of the scouting legion, which left the simplicity of the military cloth and body uniform for metal armor plates, which of course retain the wings of freedom.

Also, we already see her with her patch, which from now on will also be the symbol of her bravery after so many battles in which she not only helped with her knowledge, but also with her body and strength at the front of the battle.

It is cosplay, Although it only shows us a photo, it lets us see the greatness of Hange, a commander who follows in the footsteps of Erwin as a leader who does not hide in the trenches, but goes out to fight alongside her subordinates, knowing that duty is dangerous, but needs to be done in order to achieve it.


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