Girl brings professional heroine Mt. Lady to life in this sparkling cosplay

Yu Takeyama, better known by her heroine name as Mt. Lady and member of “The Lurkers” She is a young woman, and seems to like the attention that a hero gives her, without having to be ashamed of losing another hero’s reputation for enjoying the glory.

However, she is not negligent, as it is shown that she will not transform into her giant form in a confined space for fear of destroying nearby buildings and the risk of harming civilians while fighting a villain who has taken hostages is careful; Although many might consider her as vain due to certain attitudes she had when debuting as a professional hero, this is ruled out when she disinterestedly prevented Mr. Compress from reaching Izuku’s group Midoriya after saving Bakugo despite being seriously injured by the attack of All For One.

She is one of the heroines that we can meet from the first season, however, she is not only a sudden appearance, but she is a really important supporting character. In addition to having a great super power, literally, she is very attractive so the media are always aware of her and in the same way the fandom from My Hero Academia it is because of that cosplayers as @witchy.brew They pay tribute to him with costumes like the following:

My Hero Academia_ Chica brings professional heroine Mt. Lady to life with this brilliant cosplay (2)

Cautivadora | Foto: witchy.brew

As we can see, this girl has perfectly recreated the costume of the great debutante, including a long blonde hair and the two horns that protrude from her head. She is portrayed outside blowing a kiss directly at the camera, an attitude that we could easily see in Mt. Lady.

My Hero Academia: Chica brings professional heroine Mt. Lady to life in this brilliant cosplay

An amazing debut | Photo: witchy.brew

On the other hand, in this other portrait we can see more details of the cosplay Without focusing so much on the location and we can see that the charisma and the great suit are present, one of the components that is not present is the distinctive pink eyes of Mt Lady, however, this could be improved in a new photo shoot with use contact lens or even with the help of digital editing but this great work does not lose value.

What do you think of this cosplay?


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