Girl makes one of the best Sakura cosplays

Sakura Haruno who is now known as Sakura Uchiha She is one of the main characters in the series and one of the most popular female characters. She is a Jonin level kunoichi, a member of Kakashi’s team and at the beginning of the story she can also be placed as a good friend of Naruto. After training at Tsunade, became a medical ninja.

Sakura is very sensitive and can cry easily, usually due to things related to Naruto and Sasuke. Nevertheless, He showed strong will and refused to give up the fight. She compares this to contempt for loss, which has grown increasingly intense since she was trained on Tsunade. Despite certain emotions, your mind is usually clear and calm, although your emotions sometimes cloud your thoughts.

Without a doubt, Sakura stole more than one laugh when having dialogues with her Inner Sakura or she left us stunned with her amazing ninja skills, that is why this character is one of those who most often represent the cosplayers What is the case of @shirogane_sama

Naruto: Girl makes one of the best Sakura cosplays

Foto: @shirogane_sama

In a very natural and genuine way It seems that this girl was born to recreate the live-action de Sakura, since although the suit is made up of pieces that were not precisely made for a cosplay, the interpretation is quite good besides that not everyone also has the pink hair that distinguishes the ninja.

Naruto: Girl makes one of the best Sakura cosplays

Foto: @shirogane_sama

In this second photograph we can better appreciate how the cosplayer he gets into the role of Sakura, in addition to that we can fully observe the costume that accompanies with some props such as the kunai that he wields in his right hand. Even though some details are missing from this outfit, we cannot deny that it is an excellent job.

What do you think of this cosplay?


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