Gmasking Hollow Ichigo No.3 Espada Tear Halibel Arrancar Mask Cosplay Accessories 1: 1: Clothing & Accessories

About the Espada Tear Halibel Arrancar mask:
This Ichigo Kurosaki Hollow Helmet is made of fiberglass, premium paint finish, extremely detailed carving, full size accessories, handcrafted, odorless. Perfect for decoration, gifts, costume accessories, cosplay, Christmas, Easter, New Years, Halloween, etc.

Product Features :
Type: Espada mask made of fiberglass reinforced plastic.
Brand Name: Gmasking.
Occasion: decoration, gift, Halloween, carnival, Christmas, Easter, party, cosplay, collection, etc.
Model Number: GM877-H.
Material: glass fiber reinforced plastic.
Size: full scale 1/1, 16.5cm x 12cm x 8cm.
Color: as shown in the picture.
Weight: about 1.2 kg.

1 Kurosaki hollow mask.


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