Goodbye My Dear Kramer got a premiere date, but the prequel movie lost it

Twitter and anime site “Goodbye, my dear Kramer” (Sayonara Watashi no Cramer) reported that for various reasons the premiere of Farewell, My Dear Kramer: First Touch was postponed from April 1 to early summer. They also announced that Goodbye My Dear Kramer will air on April 4th. The LIDEN FILMS studio is working on the series and the film.

The soccer manga by Naoshi Arakawa, author of Your Lie in April, was published in Monthly Shonen Magazine in 2016–2020 and will be collected in 14 volumes. The name of the manga refers to the German footballer and coach Dettmar Kramer. He was the first foreign coach to work in Japan. For his contribution to the development of sports, he is called the father of modern Japanese football.

In high school, Sumire Suo and Midori Soshchizaki played on different football teams and were rivals. But they went to the same high school, which means they will now strive for football achievements, playing on the same team.

Farewell My Dear Kramer: First Touch is a screen version of Arakawa’s Farewell Football manga. The manga was published in 2009–2010 and was collected in two volumes. Goodbye My Dear Kramer is a sequel to this series.

Nozomi Onda is in high school and is on the football team, but hasn’t played a game yet because she’s a girl. She grew up playing football, showing excellent technique, stamina and elegance. However, as a girl, she can no longer overcome the difference in physical development with the guys and sees that all her teammates are increasingly moving away from her. Even her younger brother Junpei, who is also on the team, is starting to play better and better. Coach Samejima sees Nozomi as an amazing player, but since football is a power sport, he stops her from playing. Nozomi is not the kind of girl who just gives up, so she trains the hardest and leads the team hoping to play one day.


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