Graduation / Completion Exhibition “JAM Festival Online 2021”! !! | JAM Japan Anime and Manga College

This time has come again this year.

Held every year,

What is JAM Festival?

Exhibits more than 300 graduation and completion works of JAM students at once. Every year, it will be an exhibition that exhibits original works such as manga, illustrations, characters, and anime, which are a collection of masterpieces that produce professional debuts in school. Many students from this exhibition, which is visited by many people from various industries, will be connected to painting, debut, and employment. You can see JAM’s works, which have been a tradition since the school opened 20 years ago! !!

And this year, it will be held online! !!

However, you cannot see the work online.

You can create your own avatar, walk in the VR space of JAM festival, and go to see the work.

This is the entrance under construction.

This is the production screen of the exhibition booth.

You can actually walk and watch videos.

Holding period: February 20th-February 27th

Meeting place: Japan Anime and Manga College VR space

Usage fee: Free

Remarks: There may be a limit on the number of visitors.

The operation may be heavy depending on the communication environment.

You can easily enter the space from your PC or smartphone.

If you have VR gear, please use it!

Details will be announced at any time! !! !!

The future of JAM students is here.

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