Grindstone is updated to version on Nintendo Switch

A few months ago, totally unexpectedly, we learned that Grinding wheel would also go through the eShop of Nintendo Switch, and later we also learned that it would be arriving in physical form, so those more collectors could place it on their shelves. Either way, the truth is that the creators of this game aren’t stopping yet and now it has already launched on the Great N la new update, which in addition to fixing the weird bug to make the title the best it can be, also added some new content.

This is update now available from Grindstone, on Nintendo Switch

Grindstone update added and improvements:

An improved version of the Cupid costume has been added. Decorations related to upcoming Valentine’s Day have been added. An arrow that directly searches for hearts of gold has been added.

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It was through the official Twitter account that we learned that a new update was going to be released and, as we can see, this version of Gridstone is not the largest that has ever been in the history of video games, but it’s always appreciated that the makers of a title are constantly behind it once it’s launched, not only to continue to fix it, but also to add free content, which, unfortunately, is generally rare in current generations. What about you, do you already have a copy of this title through the Nintendo Switch eShop and are you more than ready to try and make it to the top of the mountain? Or are you just waiting for this coveted physical edition to arrive?


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