Gu Changwei’s film “The Hedgehog” completed the first collaboration between Ge You and Wang Junkai to perform “weird people and strange diseases”

Gu Changwei’s film “The Hedgehog” completed the first collaboration between Ge You and Wang Junkai to perform “weird people and strange diseases”

2022-01-19 15:14:43Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network News The film “Hedgehog” directed by Gu Changwei was completed today, and a pilot trailer and concept poster were released. In the first cooperation between the two, Ge You played the role of the eccentric Wang Zhantuan, and tried the role of a mental patient for the first time; Wang Junkai subverted his image and played Zhou Zheng, a young man with inferiority complex and stuttering. The reporter was informed that the film was adapted from Zheng Zhi’s novel “The Immortal Disease”, telling the story of Wang Zhantuan and his nephew Zhou Zheng’s long-lost friendship. They are “abnormal” in the world, but they are normal people in each other’s eyes, and they have experienced a period of independence together. An absurd past in the Northeast.

Ge You and Wang Junkai collaborated for the first time in the film to interpret a pair of long-term friends who share the same illness. Ge You played the role of a mental patient for the first time. The Wang Zhantuan he played was a “mental illness” in the eyes of others, occasionally mad, but with a unique sobriety. Wang Junkai plays Zhou Zheng, an autistic and silent teenager who suffers from stuttering and has silver needles all over his body for treatment. Such a sensitive and inferior character is very different from his sunny and cheerful image in the audience’s impression. Wang Zhantuan and Zhou Zheng are both “patients” in the eyes of others, seeking medical treatment only to cure their “illness”. The announcement came to an abrupt end with Wang Zhantuan’s sentence “You, you are not sick”, which is thought-provoking. Is there any definition of “disease”? Where does the so-called “disease” come from and how can it be cured? The hilarious Northeastern Dialogue is paired with spicy human questions, showing a unique black humor.

There are two kinds of roles that Ge You is best at playing: one is a comedy character, and the other is a profound character who reflects the pain of reality. In the original setting, Wang Zhantuan is the “madman” in the eyes of most people, but he has a sober and pure heart, which is a good combination of the two characters that Ge You is good at. Ge You’s role in the Wang battle group can be described as unique and has ample room for development. After watching the trailer, many viewers felt the high degree of fit between Ge You and the character, saying that “the Wang Zhantuan imagined when reading the original book is what Ge You looks like”.

It is worth mentioning that the filming of “Hedgehog” is the second collaboration between Ge You and Gu Changwei after “Farewell My Concubine” in nearly 30 years. Gu Changwei’s works attach importance to humanistic care and look at the bottom groups of society. As an actor with a very personal style, Ge You’s comedy style can often add highlights to heavy themes.

Zeng Shixiang, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Press

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